The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization works to coalesce, train, and organize
the communities of Greater Boston across religious, racial, ethnic, class, and
neighborhood lines for the public good. (read more...)


GBIO is an organization of 50 religious congregations and other local institutions that joined together  in 1998 in order to more powerfully pursue justice in the State of Massachusetts. Since the founding GBIO has played a critical role in securing Massachusetts health care reform, helping to roll over $300 million in to the construction of affordable housing in the state, and supporting local leadership in efforts to attain worker protections, school renovations, adequate access to school textbooks, as well as other major victories.

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We call on our elected officials AND Citizens to join us in this effort to renew the civic landscape so that a spirit of dignity and compassion infuses both local and national governmental affairs.

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GBIO in the News

Oct 12, 2017

If politics is a game of addition, put Sen. Will Brownsberger down in the plus column. The lead sponsor of a sweeping criminal justice reform bill convened a marathon rally on behalf of the legislation at the State House that started on Thursday morning and ended in the afternoon.

(CommonWealth Magazine)

Oct 1, 2017
Old South Church has put a price on sunlight: $19 million. That’s how much the historic Copley Square church wants developer Boston Properties to pay as compensation for shadows a planned tower at Back Bay Station would cast on the 142-year-old church, potentially causing moisture damage to masonry and darkening stained-glass windows.
(Boston Globe)

Aug 19, 2017

More than 1,700 people attended an interfaith service at Temple Israel of Boston Friday evening to hear messages of unity on the eve of the controversial “Boston Free Speech” rally.

(Boston Globe)

Apr 25, 2017

LAWMAKERS GATHERED OUTSIDE the House chamber Tuesday to declare their commitment to wide-ranging criminal justice reforms, further evidence of a push on Beacon Hill for changes that go beyond a consensus bill rolled out by Gov. Charlie Baker in February.

(CommonWealth Magazine)

Feb 27, 2017

More than two dozen groups representing Massachusetts hospitals, nonprofits, labor unions, and other organizations are urging Governor Charlie Baker to oppose any federal policy changes that could threaten Medicaid coverage for thousands of poor and disabled people across the state. 

(Boston Globe)