Internal Organizing Campaign

In the fall of 2013, GBIO will begin a 10-month internal organizing effort across its member institutions under the direction of its strategy team and staff organizers.

After years of action – with campaigns ranging from health care cost containment, to raising state revenue collections, to local educational initiatives – GBIO will momentarily press pause on its external issue work and aim to re-sew a relational fabric that gives the organization its strength.

3,000 people from across lines of race, class, religion, and geography participated in house meetings at the time of GBIO’s founding in the late 1990s. This fall, through one-to-ones and house meetings, GBIO will once again engage roughly 3,000 leaders of our member congregations in a similar process of learning each other’s stories, identifying new leadership, re-engaging established leadership, and opening new opportunities for action.

If you would like your congregation to join together with GBIO in this important work, contact Ben Elkind, GBIO organizer (