Current Work

Beginning in the fall of 2013, GBIO will momentarily pause its ongoing issue work, and engage in an internal effort to strengthen leadership and identify future avenues for action.
Read more about GBIO’s internal campaign here:  Internal Organizing Campaign .
In the meantime, GBIO continues to engage two important efforts:


In 2012, GBIO successfully secured follow-up legislation to the landmark 2006 state healthcare bill that granted 450,000 residents of the state of Massachusetts access to healthcare. (Read about our healthcare work in 2006 here.)


In the fall of 2009, GBIO began organizing at Dearborn Middle School in partnership with Roxbury Presbyterian Church (RPC) and Trinity Church Boston (TCB). The historic Dearborn school was in a state of physical disrepair – bathroom mirrors broken, asbestos risks in a school playroom, mold growing in classrooms – and on the verge of shutdown for its poor academic performance.