Paul Hattis Appointment to Health Policy Commission

Attorney General Martha Coakley has asked GBIO leader Dr. Paul Hattis to serve as Commissioner on the newly-created Health Policy Commission (HPC), which is a new body created by the recently passed health care cost containment legislation. As the co-chair of the GBIO healthcare team and member of Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, Paul has been an invaluable leader and resource to GBIO’s work on health care access and cost containment since 2005.

On Thursday, December 6, 2012, GBIO leaders and Paul’s colleagues met at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center to celebrate Dr. Paul Hattis’ appointment. We honored Paul with speakers from the organization and some surprise guests, including his long-time mentor Bob Sigmond and Paul’s family.

This is a milestone for consumers as Paul’s appointment signifies a recognition of the role of consumers in containing costs.

We cannot think of anyone better for the job. We thank the Attorney General for her recognition of Paul’s hard work with GBIO to provide affordable health insurance to the people of the Commonwealth. Paul’s experience in the health care policy field and his passion for health care consumer advocacy will help us achieve Massachusetts’ spending targets that GBIO leaders worked so hard over the past year to set.

We congratulate Paul and look forward to working with him and the HPC on implementation of health care cost containment legislation.