2003 Nursing Home Campaign

In 2003, GBIO organized house meetings in several Haitian congregations that had recently joined the organization. Many Haitian (and other immigrant) nursing home workers, mostly women who work in Greater Boston nursing homes as certified nursing assistants (CNA’s), were required to work under conditions that were unsafe for them and their patients.

Workers described painful details of a culture of disrespect that they experienced in the workplace.  At the same time, GBIO leaders from other congregations were sharing concerns about the quality of care their parents and loved ones were receiving in area nursing homes. 

These stories led us into the Nursing Home Campaign, a Joint effort of nursing home workers and residents family members to improve living and working conditions in area nursing homes. 

Our organizing led to then-Attorney General Thomas Reilly issuing an unprecedented Advisory to the Nursing Home Industry (see link below) clarifying the civil rights of nursing home workers.  It also led to mandatory training sessions for industry leaders regarding how to properly protect these rights on a daily basis.